Back To Home : Terms Of Use, Copyright Policy & Privacy Policy. is Sri Lanka web portal which is focused to education, spiritual development, personal skills development, cultural knowledge & social development among Sri Lankan people who live around the world. Our logo tells our custom related to Buddhism which we daily offer flowers, incense sticks & oil lamp for triple gems. From flowers it tells kind, incense sticks or auras tell precepts and lamp tells about wisdom. So our aim is spread kindness, precepts & wisdom via our website. We are not representing particular group or ethnic separation from our website. These terms of use, privacy policy & copy right policy updated with time to time when we update services of website. So as user or visitor, we hope you will read this page every month when you visit our website. Our website is best viewing in any web browser with 1024 X 768 resolutions, at normal font size and normal English encodings. Our main service is provide astrological services for our clients.
Copy Right currently maintains many sections in our website include Buddhist Portal, Sinhalese articles, Psychology Corner, Meditation article, Astrology Corner, Deity's Articles & Preceptís Article. All these web pages are copyright with current law in Sri Lanka. All rights reserved. All web pages, some pictures, some images, client side programs scripts & articles in include our astrology readings, are protected by copyright and permission must be obtained from the web team prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrieval system or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or likewise. We give certain people to copy our web pages with picture link back to our website in their front web page. Then we give confirmation letter for copy related page or section in PDF format which have our website's logo. Our LankaWisdom.comô main logo & other owner's logos are Trade Marks, so that logos are also protected by current copyright law in Sri Lanka & world wide as otherís countries. Current copyright law means laws and rules in this year you read this web page, so every webpage in our website are copyrighted in current year.
Search Engine (Lanka Wisdom Search) maintains Search Engine named as Lanka Wisdom Search, which has popular websites related to Sri Lanka. All sites in this search results are located by our web team from regular searching the internet via spider robot, personal interest, our Submit URL form & personal known basis. So we don't have any responsibly about all websites located in our search results. Also all published materials in those sites are belongs to their owners & their privacy policies. Although we reject or remove any sites from our search engine because of : against to Sri Lankan culture, pornographic, sexual misconduct, technical difficulties, personal home pages, sites belongs to small number of groups & highly business related websites. As well as search engine, we maintain Music Corner which includes Sri Lankan entertainment related websites index. Also we don't have any responsibly about all websites located in our Music Corner. All published materials in Music Corner page are belongs to their owners & their privacy policies. Anyone can't use our search engine & related links via metabots, other search software programs, toolbars or sending queries. We don't let to do meta searching. 
Shout Box (FlashTalks)
Shout Box is main communication point at among our visitors. Anyone can use our website for announce free messages via shout box called as FlashTalks, for meet new friends, contact each other, etc. But any messages related to : against to Sri Lankan culture, pornographic, sexual misconduct & against to our web team will be deleted as soon as we see it on our shout box. Also our web team members donít take any responsibility for any massages published in the shout box at All published materials in shout box are belongs to their owners & their privacy policies. Hence some visitor's information are seen in shout box may be incorrect. web team members are not publishing any messages in shout box. If someone publish some social conflicting details in our shout box as referring names such as, lanka wisdom or lankawisdom; any web team member at don't take any responsibility about it.
Advertise & Paid Services has Advertise Policy for our benefit of maintaining our services. These Ads are provided by people who contract & pre-paid with us for publish their picture Ad links. So all published Ads in our sites are belongs to their owners & their privacy policies. These pre-paid Ads must not include harm to any group of people or person, ornaments created from animal body parts, animal products, alcohol products, sexual misconduct, political ideas & against to Sri Lankan culture. All paid Ads must be gif, jpg, animated gif or flash materials. Contract period must be six months to one year. All pre-paid Ad owners have our confirmation letter send via postal mail, which includes their paid amount & publishing period. Except Ads, we have Paid Astrology Services with its own teams & conditions. Please visit astrology corner page for more details. For more details about publishing Ads, please visit advertise policy page. 
Privacy Policy
Our email server is Gmail network with contract with Gmail technology. team & Gmail team have right to remove or modify our email accounts & give related details to legal conditions when some government issues were asked. We don't use our visitorís emails for spam or other illegal uses. But after your services finished, we destroy your email addresses. Currently we don't created usernames or passwords for our website. All our services are free except paid astrology services or paid advertisements. When some one is miss-ussing our shout box then we will be deleted his or her details from our shout box without any more warnings. Such abuse can inform to us via email. People can contact with us via mainly from email or via sms (short messages services via your mobile provider) & sometimes via chatting or limited telephone calls. So their contact and personal details are keeping as secret and after their services were given, we delete those private details.
Communications & Violations
We don't have any responsibility with other websites which have same look like to our name, titles, links, logos or URLs. People can contact with us via emails & SMS (short messages services via your mobile) messages. Our advertisers can contact with us on our email address which given to them. Violation of copy right and our privacy policies help to take legal actions against to violator with related laws in their country or laws in Sri Lanka.

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