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History of the :
 website was resulted of research did since 2005 January 15th, for build search engine related to Sri Lanka. In 2005 January with help of free server called, we started new website that gives directory of Sri Lankan popular websites as easy web searching directory. We collected lot of Sri Lankan websites since 2005. In January 2006 we brought our first domain name, then we redirected "Sri Lankan Popular Web Cultures" website to above domain name. When we got higher ranking in TopSites lists, we thought to expand our services into astrology, psychology, NLP science, friends, music, etc. Also we wished to start Buddhist website called as Buddhism For Modern World.
         Then we felt our domain name must be more Sri Lankan. So we went into new domain name called as, Also we started Sri Lankan music search engine & directory called as This offered lot of free services such as emails, searching facilities, psychological articles, astrology readings, free shout box, music corner, web polls, etc...
         As well as going with new technologies like electronics, web development & software development, we are doing experiments and research projects about Sri Lankan traditional meta sciences such as astrology, parapsychology, light readings & meditation. Also our dimension went into communicating with unseen or meta universe such as world of deities & other inhumans. So we are researching their influences to human world. We thought to include those experimental results in our websites for benefits of mankind. 
       Then we thought to start new website which can be offered all our services in one place or one domain name, so this idea help us to start Now main aim of the is helping to mankind in worldwide for develop their personal life according to Sri Lankan traditional knowledge banks such as Buddhism, astrology,  gods and other sort of our ancient wisdom. Also with these ancient wisdoms, we try to introduce modern psychological and personal development skills for our visitors.
         Since 2005 we gained lot of experiences related to websites & internet technologies. From these skills, currently we are building our website into more simple interface, but using advance serverside web development tools & languages. We hope to expand our services in near future.
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