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  Analyzing your birth chart according to traditional astrological concepts use in Sri Lanka.
  Using astrology theories of ancient seers such as Parasara, Jaimini, Varahamihira, Manu, etc...
  Study your Lagna Chart, Moon Chart, Sun Chart & 16 Divisional Charts (Shodasa Vargas).
  Numerology & stones for planet malefic explications, consultation upon numerological effects...
  Researching your data with Bhava/Chalit Systems and KP System for full yoga & strength analyzing.
  Remedies only prescribe as Buddhist merit activities & simple divine rituals can be done by yourself. 
  Dream Analyzing - Sometimes your dreams may imply you forthcoming real incident as divine omen...
  Spiritual Guidance - Another world service from us, guide you into spiritual development... 
  After gave your readings, We don't insist for holding spells & rituals or installing yantras.
  Readings are preparing in manually by Mr. S.P.B.M Ranasinghe, NOT by computer software.

Readings on Entire Life are provided to limited number of clients per month, so firstly contact us for timing. General readings can request at anytime. As well as occult divinations, we trust on mathematics & intuition for giving astrological readings. Research team at do continuous researching in astrology & phenomenon of the parapsychology.
Birth Time Rectifications, Fees : Rs.500/US$5
If you need to rectify your birth time, please give us precise "Date, Month & Year" of five important events in your life such as child birth, marriage, accident, first job, lost job, winning competition, etc... 
Standalone Horoscope Creation (Manually)
If you want to create your birth chart without reading, creating chart is Rs.800/US$8 for people born in Sri Lanka and people born in foreign countries.

Auspicious Times

Preparing Suba Nakath (Set Auspicious Times/Asters), only for tasks related to Building, Learning, Newborns & Agriculture. Fees : Rs.800/US$8. We do NOT create auspicious times for matrimonial purposes.  
Astrological Yantras and Buddhist Yantras
We are creating powerful Astrological Yantras and Buddhist Yantras. Our yantras specially focus for attract particular god's attraction toward your life. We only create hand drawing traditional manner yantras as ola leaf books. All yantras create for keep in your worshiping place in home, for wear or keep in your purse (as coin size). You can light incense stick, oil lamp or candle for get more results. Yantras are preparing by team who have meditative life, good precepts & do research in mantra science. Our yantras energize for lifelong acting and protected against foulness. Please contact us for more details...
Our Astrologer - Mr. S.P.B.M. Ranasinghe
Mr. S.P.B.M. Ranasinghe learned ancient astrology from various Vedic Astrology teachers, monks and priests in Sri Lanka & India. They were belongs to different astrology families and sects. Also he studied and did many experiments on occult divinations used in many countries. He studied and analyzed occult systems such as Akashic Records, Feng Shui & PyraVastu in Australia & India. His main hobbies are researching about gods and reading akashic records. He has experience in providing astrological readings since 2002 which means now 12 years! 
In material side education, Mr. Ranasinghe holds two state diplomas (both are one year fulltime) in computer programming. He worked as software developer (Java & VB) and technical officer (Electronics) in two institutes. He is a Sun Certificated Java Programmer (now Oracle Certified Professional Java SE Programmer). Also he had studied Electronic Technology & Web Developing in Sri Lanka & Australia. Nowadays he works as astrological consultant as well as IT Executive in IT firm in Sri Lanka.

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